About Conscious Life

Therapy for persons seeking a better way…

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Conscious life therapy evolved from the perspective that conscious living and decisions made from a place of personal self awareness make for the most powerful and effective life change.


Whatever your circumstances, whatever your age, I am here to assist you in finding your truth and helping you actualize it.

Areas of Specialty:

Changing your patterns for healthier relationships

Improving your Self Esteem

Expressing yourself confidently to get what you want

Increasing your ability to Trust

Increasing your comfort with Intimacy

Improving your boundaries; Reclaiming your power

Communicating your anger productively

Healing from Heartbreak and Loss

Being true to yourself; Living the life you want

Learning to be more open with others

Embracing Life Transitions

Overcoming Insecurities


Though I also work with people of varying mental health issues (including but not limited to depression, generalized and acute anxiety, oppositional defiant behaviors, and trauma), much of my work (as noted in the list above) centers around helping individuals navigate daily life difficulties and the painful, unconscious, and distorted beliefs and behaviors that so often cause grief and discord; things showing up in interpersonal issues with friends, family, and in intimate relationships as well as in identity related concerns (sexual and otherwise), and the various life transitions we all go through.

My primary purpose in our work together is to assist you in determining your truth and desires, to aid in your healing, and to empower you with choice. I also have a passion for working with young adults; taking these ideas and tailoring them to this unique stage of life where the choice about who to be in this world becomes front and center.