Areas of Specialty

   Attract the Relationship You Want

Change your relationship patterns by identifying what’s causing you grief and learn new ways of behaving so as to prevent this

-Look at why you keep attracting the same type of person and having the same type of relationship difficulties, identify strategies to change it

-Learn about the psychology of your partner, possible reasons for their responses and behavior, and how having a compassionate understanding of what they are reacting to can help you feel less targeted and better able to respond lovingly

-Gain an understanding of the conflict from your partner’s point of view and how this can help in your level of reactivity and feeling hurt or targeted

-Work through your relationship difficulties and begin to understand what you are contributing to the difficulty, what it says about you that you are feeling triggered, and ways you can change this


Improve your Self Esteem

Discover feelings and beliefs that have been contributing to your lack of self-confidence and how this is preventing you from doing what you really want to do

-Identify why you came to feel this way and why you are willing to believe it

-Learn about what self love means and looks like and what you are doing to sell yourself short

-Learn about how you are maintaining feelings of inadequacy through attitudes, behaviors, and relationships you’re continuing to engage in

-Understand the role of shame in your feeling inadequate, where this shame  ultimately came from, what you might be carrying unconsciously (and still suffering from,) and strategies to ridding yourself of these painful feelings


Express yourself confidently to get what you want

Learn about how co-dependency, poor assertiveness, and  inappropriate care-taking might be showing up in your life and preventing you from speaking your truth and asking for what you need

-Learn about the relationship between your sense of personal self worth and your need for external validation; identify how this impacts how you behave with others and the quality of relationship you share in as a result

-Learn about what co-dependency is *really* all about and how you might be dis-empowering yourself without even realizing it

-Identify ways you might be selling your soul in exchange for external validation; discover what this compromising of your truth looks like in your particular situation and find ways to stop it

-Identify what *really* lies beneath your difficulties asserting yourself and what will be required to make change


Develop your ability to trust

Explore how distrust is keeping you from the life you want, what you need to feel safe trusting, & how to develop this capacity for yourself

-Learn about where trust develops and begin to identify when your ability to trust was weakened or severed; learn about curative ways to repair it and the relationships through which you can do so

-Begin to gain awareness around the notion of emotional safety; what you need to feel safe, how to ask for it, and how to identify who is and is not safe for you.  Begin to identify who might be in your life presently that is not safe, and that is contributing to your feeling ill at ease in your day-to-day life.

-Develop your ability to trust in yourself, your intuition, and your ability to make positive decisions about the people you allow into your life


Increase your comfort with Intimacy

Understand what underlies your fear of intimacy, how this is impacting relationships you value, and how you can develop courage in this area

-Learn about what intimacy really means and entails and begin to identify when it is a fear of intimacy that is driving discord in your relationship

-Learn the steps to maintaining engagement…even when it’s uncomfortable or scary.  And make the commitment to do so.

-Get in touch with the fears that sit beneath your resistance to being emotionally vulnerable, reconcile these fears by reckoning with the distortions that created them

-Work through the discomfort that comes in truly differentiating from your partner; learn how to hold onto yourself while engaging with your spouse


Improve your Boundaries; Reclaim your Power

Learn how boundaries affect power in relationships and how poor boundaries in your life might be contributing to your feeling taken advantage of, undervalued, or dis-empowered

-Identify situations in your life where you feel dis-empowered, what needs to change, and what you are afraid of in taking such a stand

-Begin to look at areas of your life where you feel dissatisfied and learn to assess whether or not poor boundaries might be contributing to your dismissing your personal needs and/or engaging in the care-taking of others


Manage & Communicate your Anger Effectively

Discover what you’re really angry about, how it shows up in your life through uncontrolled outbursts or passive aggression, and develop more constructive ways to communicate what you’re really feeling

-Begin to understand the role of anger in healthy living and appropriate ways to release it

-Assess areas of your life where you have been feeling compromised and are holding resentment

-Learn empowering ways to speak your truth and ask for what you need

-Identify the true source to your anger and how it manifests in your behavior in passive aggressive ways

-Identify and process these angry feelings; enjoy the relief that comes once you do

-Identify what will redeem areas of held resentment and take the steps necessary so that you can feel a sense of peace and closure


  Heal from Heartbreak and Loss

Process the pain of an ended relationship, reckon with the anger, and explore what is needed to find peace

-Learn about the stages of loss as they relate to heartbreak and the loss of love

-Learn self-loving ways to move through these stages as your heart begins to heal

-Reflect on the past relationship; gain insight on how the relationship pertains to your own health and development as a person

-Identify positive ways to review the experience, what you need to move forward, and what you will seek out as you ready to love another

-Learn what you needed to learn from the relationship so that you don’t attract the same person or make the same mistakes again

-Process through the desire to ‘get’ your partner back; what makes sense, what’s realistic, and empowering ways to behave, whatever your feelings are about this


Be true to yourself & start living the life you want

Find the courage to start behaving authentically and experience life lived from a place of true personal integrity

-Identify who you have created yourself to be and the reasons why; who you are aiming to please, which environments you are seeking belonging in, and what it says about you that this is so

-Get in touch with the person you remember yourself to be as a child; begin to identify any disconnects between your inner child and how you are conducting your life on the outside

-Become aware of unconscious programming set forth in your upbringing (how it is affecting your life both positively and negatively) and begin to make conscious decisions about who you want to be as an adult


Learn to be more open with others

Overcome Defensiveness & Increase Comfort with Vulnerability

-Learn which defense mechanisms you are guilty of using, what you are protecting against (i.e. what you are feeling inadequate about), and how you are alienating people when you do

-Identify where these feelings of inadequacy stem from and what type of distorted beliefs you are subscribing to as to believe that your inadequacy is true

-Get in touch with what you are fearful of revealing or of what you are feeling the need to protect

-Identify what it is about being vulnerable that you feel most threatened by and what you need in your life as to become willing to do so


Embrace Life Transitions

Use life transitions as a means of discovery and personal growth

-Think about where you have come from, what you have gained from your experience, and what of those gains, pertain to where you are going next

-Identify what attracted you to your previous situation (conscious or otherwise) and whether those things are still at play in evaluating your next life step; decide whether or not those are good guiding lines or things to re-evaluate

-Get in touch with your true values and passion and determine an appropriate fit for what should come next so that they are congruent with these things

-Grieve any necessary losses that accompany transitions; recognize these things as losses to be grieved and take the time to dignify them as they ask to be


Overcome your Insecurities

Begin to observe where insecurity is fueling your behavior, what these insecurities really represent, and how jealousy can be handled in a way that serves you

-Become willing to explore the truth of your insecurity and how this shows up in the world in the way of your behavior, then learn how to speak this truth about it to the people who are affected

-Begin to understand how your feelings of jealousy highlight areas of perceived personal inadequacy and develop a new and realistic view of your strengths and weaknesses that you can own up to and feel proud of

-Identify how your unconscious programming has lead you to people and situations that challenge you and how, when handled proactively, these can be  means to healing original wounds; learn about what pro-social, proactive behavior would look like and how to implement

-Understand the function of jealousy and learn how to use it as your teacher